Selling Your Home In A Crowded Market

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In today’s economy, it’s tough enough to sell just one home in a neighborhood. But when there are multiple “for sale” signs on the same street, sellers often fear they’re in for an especially long, trying experience.

A crowded market creates visions of price wars among neighbors who’ve lived on the same block for years. Sellers may also worry that potential buyers will conclude that something must be wrong with the neighborhood. Surprisingly, neighborhoods with multiple homes for sale may have a few unique marketing advantages!

Suggest a joint open house

Get the neighbors involved and support each other. Why not?  A combined open house can bring in more people while also giving buyers a glimpse of how well residents in the neighborhood get along. If the interactions are positive, it reflects well on the sellers. Maybe the way we sell homes today needs to change. Selling is all about making positive connections with people you 'know, like and trust'. What better way to make a positive connection than with neighbors you've lived beside for years. 

Give easy access to your home

When several of your neighbors are selling, too, it’s best to be prepared to show the home quickly. It’s reasonable to expect people to give notice before showing up on your doorstep, but don’t make potential buyers jump through hoops before they can see your home. Severely restricting the hours your residence is available for showings could cost you a sale.

Stage your home

Home staging simply means decorating your home in a way that appeals to a potential buyer. Here's a tip, when your agent brings you a list of recently sold properties, I suggest you look very closely at them. Did you know, information from recently sold properties does not only give you a good indication of what to list your property for, it also determines what type of homes buyers are buying in your neighborhood. Your Real Estate agent should be pointing this out to you.

Maybe it's homes that have had significant reno's, maybe it's a home that offers a modern feel to it's floor plans. The fastest way to sell your home in a slow market, is to give buyers what they are looking for, without breaking the bank. A good home stager can walk you through the process. 

Get your Realtor on board

Houses are staying on the market for longer periods of time, it’s important for agents to continuously tweak their marketing strategies to keep the listing from appearing stale. 

  • Rewrite a sales ad every few weeks.  
  • Change up the pictures a little.
  • The popularity of social media makes it really easy to share information with a lot of people relatively quickly. Is your agent tech savvy? 
  • If you have the right property, use a service like Airbnb to let prospective, qualified buyers stay in the home for a couple nights.
Don't be scared to talk to your agent and work together on a good marketing strategy for your home. 

Think outside the box!!

Happy selling :-)